4XEM 1 Port Female HDMI and RCA Audio/Video Wall Plate (White)

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4XEM professional grade single HDMI + 3 RCA outlet single gang female HDMI/RCA wall plate offers a beautiful in-wall HDMI/RCA digital video outlet to easily connect all your high speed HDMI devices. With the 19-pin HDMI wall plate you can provide a clean, professional video installation. 4XEM's Single Outlet Female High Speed HDMI Wall Plate can be paired with the 4XEM HDMI Pro cables, 4XHDMI4K2KPRO3, 4XHDMI4K2KPRO6, 4XHDMI4K2KPRO10, 4XHDMI4K2KPRO15, 4XHDMI4K2KPRO25, 4XHDMI4K2KPRO50 or any of our High Speed HDMI cables.

Problem it solves: The 4XEM Single Outlet Female High Speed HDMI/RCA Wall Plate makes a perfect connection between any HDMI device and your HDMI equipped projector or remote display. 4XEM gear is respected industry wide for its high performance, premium quality and durability. When setting up home or office quality video station, always trust 4XEM Connectivity!

4XEM HDMI wall plates come with our unmatched Lifetime Warranty!

More from the Manufacturer

  • Screw in port design to ensure secure HDMI connections
  • Supports any standard or high speed HDMI cable
  • Mounts to a single gang box
  • Compatible with all HDMI supported devices
  • Full support for the highest video resolution 3840x2160 and 3D
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Supports 10.2Gbps video bandwidth
  • Supports HDMI 1.4b HDCP 1.4
  • 4XEM unmatched Lifetime warranty
  • Supports 1 HDMI input 3 RCA/RBG inputs
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