4XEM 100 Pack 8" Reusable Cable Ties - Black Medium Nylon/Plastic Zip Tie

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4XEM's Nylon/Plastic Zip Ties are designed to help you keep your networks clean and organized. Designed for outside conditions as well as inside the Nylon/Plastic material protects against the elements and tears. These reusable cable ties are designed to be flexible in their use, able to be taken apart and tied back up again. These ties will see you through multiple projects. At 8 inches in size these ties are versatile to a fit a variety of cable sizes. Keep your workspaces or any space compact, clean and tidy with 4XEM's Cable Ties.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Round edges to prevent snags
  • Harsh weather tested
  • Black colour
  • 8" length
  • Reusable
  • Pack of 100
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