4XEM 20W USB-C Power Adapter for iPhone 12

Sale price$45.99


The 4XEM 20W USB C Power Adapter offers fast, efficient charging at home, in the office, or on the go. While the power adapter is compatible with any USB C-enabled device, 4XEM recommends pairing it with the iPad Pro and iPad Air for optimal charging performance. You can also pair it with iPhone 8 or later to take advantage of the fast-charging feature. Charging cable sold separately.

More from the Manufacturer

  • One USB-C port
  • 20Watt power
  • Wall-mounted
  • Backwards compatible with older Apple products
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPad
  • Compatibility with Samsung, Apple and any USB-C device
  • 4XEM unmatched limited 1year warranty
  • Life Time support
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