4XEM 2A Samsung Wall Charger

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Charge all your Samsung Gear with 4XEM USB power adapter, 4XSAMCHARGER. It makes it very convenient for you to charge your devices from any regular wall outlet. Our Samsung compatible devices deliver dependable performance and durability with the reinforced molded design to prevent excessive usage wear.

Problem it solves: The 4XEM Samsung wall charger makes a perfect high quality backup or replacement charger for all your Samsung devices. When charging, or transferring data to and from any Samsung device, always trust 4XEM Connectivity!

4XEM cables come with our unmatched Lifetime Warranty!

More from the Manufacturer

  • Cable color: White
  • Prevents the battery from overcharging
  • Charges other USB devices without AFC
  • High quality fire protection material
  • Wall charger works with all USB cables
  • Charge your device safely and reliably
  • 2A 5V Charging rate
  • 4XEM unmatched lifetime warranty
  • Adaptive fast charging wall charger
  • Uses fast charge technology to rapidly recharge devices
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