4XEM Multi function Cable wire Stripper and Wire Cutter for RJ11 RJ45 or cables from 3.2mm to 9mm

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Fast and convenient tool for wire stripping or cutting RJ11, RJ45 UTP/STP network wire or wire between 3.2mm to 9mm 4XEM's UTP/STP Cable Stripper and Wire Cutter can be paired with the 4XEM tools, 4XRJ45TESTER and the 4XRJ4511CRIMPER. It makes it very convenient for you to complete your entire networking job. This cable stripper is the most ideal tool for the LAN , Telephone and Network communication installer. 4XEM Network tools deliver dependable performance and durability for the home user or the professional.

Problem it solves: The 4XEM Wire stripper and cable cutter is economical and makes it easy to redo or add to your home or office network. When replacing existing cable or adding new, always trust 4XEM Networking!

4XEM networking tools come with our unmatched Lifetime Warranty!
  • 4XEM unmatched lifetime warranty
  • Multi function stripper or cutter for network UPT/STP cable
  • Correctly clear network cable without damaging vital components.
  • For standard phone wire 2P, 4P, 6P, 8P, 10P, etc; Intercom /alarm wire/2-cord, speaker wire 18-22AWG and SPT-1 electric wire
  • Adjusting bolt control for fixed size available for matching different cable size
  • Easy and safe to use for punch down wires on modular connectors.
  • Works great for CAT-5, CAT-5e, and CAT-6 data cable.
  • Easily adjust with simple thumb screw
  • Plastic punch down tool
  • Color: Grey
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