Adesso 15W Max Dual Wireless 2 Coils Qi-Certified Fast Charging Pad

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The Adesso Qi Charging Pad is the perfect charging companion for travelling business people and tourists alike. The foldabe design allows it to be easily stored in back packs, laptop cases, airplane seat pockets, and much more.

It can charge 2 devices at the same time, allowing you to use one socket to charge 2 Qi Compatible devices! No need to worry not having enough battery when traveling with a friend.

The charging pad comes with a AC adapter, allowing users to plug in to any wall socket in the United States. When in use, the LED turns blue when in quick charge mode, and green when in normal charging mode.

Quick Charging Capability

This wireless charger has an incredible 15W max output for any device capable of charging at that wattage.

Up to 6 mm Charging Distance

Capable of charging through cases up to 6 millimeters thick without slowing down.

Dual Charging Hubs

Charge 2 devices at one time. Both charging hubs have a no-slip cross.

Overcharge Protection

Charging pad turns o automatically to prevent overcharging your device's batteries; resulting in longer battery life.

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