BTI Battery

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Compatible OEM RC30-0248

Compatible Model 15 2018 RZ09-02386E91 RZ09-02386E91-R3U1 RZ09-02385W71-R3W1 RZ09-02385E92-R3U1 RZ09-02486 RZ09-02886
RZ09-02887 RZ09-02888 RZ09-02887E92-R3B1 RZ09-0301 RZ09-03017
RZ09-03018 RZ09-03017E02-R3B1

  • Smaller and lighter than other rechargeable batteries, proving ideal for portable devices
  • Proprietary Battery Size battery size for better reliance and dependable usability
  • 80 Wh battery energy for prolonged, feasible usage
  • 4 cells for maximum feasibility and added productivity
  • 15.4 V DC battery - Powers your notebook safely
  • Rechargeable battery - Lasts longer on a single charge than its disposable counterparts
  • 5209 mAh battery capacity for dependable, faster charging to ensure maximum convenience and usability
  • Helps you keep your notebook ready to use anytime
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