BTI Battery

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Compatible OEM PG03XL L48495-005 HSTNN-DB9G

Compatible Model 15-dk0000TX 15-dk0001la 15-dk0001TX 15-dk0002la 15-dk0002TX 15-dk0003la 15-dk0003TX 15-dk0004TX 15-dk0005la 15-dk0005TX 15-dk0006la 15-dk0006TX 15-DK0007CA 15-dk0007la 15-dk0007TX 15-DK0008CA 15-dk0008la 15-dk0008TX 15-dk0009TX 15-dk0010la 15-DK0010NR 15-dk0010TX15-dk0066TX 15-DK0067CL 15-dk0067TX 15-dk0068TX 15-DK0068WM 15-dk0069TX 15-dk0070TX 15-dk0071TX 15-dk0072TX 15-dk0073TX 15-dk0074TX 15-dk0075TX

  • With 4545 mAh capacity, the battery delivers a long lasting charge to your gaming notebook
  • More environment-friendly as compared to the disposable ones
  • Takes lesser time to charge, compared to others
  • Delivers 11.55 V to your compatible gaming notebook, ensuring that your device is ready to use when needed
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