CyberPower MP1082SS Essential 6 - Outlet Surge with 500 J

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The MP1082SS Surge Protector two pack from CyberPower offers vital surge protection for common home and office devices such as computers and electronics. It prevents spikes in energy caused by storms and electrical power surges from reaching your electronic equipment. The MP1082SS provides 500 joules of protection with 6 outlets and a 2.5 foot power cord.

  • Circuit breaker: 15 A
  • Model color: White
  • EMI/RFI Filtration: Yes
  • Surge suppression: 500 J
  • Outlet type: NEMA 5-15R (surge-protected)
  • Plug type: NEMA 5-15P
  • Plug style: Right-angle 45° offset
  • Units included: 2
  • Outlet number: 6
  • Power cord: 2.5 ft
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