DIAMOND V-Stream VS600 Video Extender Transmitter/Receiver

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The Diamond V-Stream Wireless HDMI Sender/Receiver (VS600) includes a transmitter unit and a receiver unit that provides wireless video transmission up to 300ft. (Clear Line of site, distance will vary when transmitting through walls). The VS600 supports anti-interference at 5GHz operation frequency. In addition, the VS600 can transmit from one sender to multiple receivers at the same time. (Max 2 Receivers, additional receiver sold separately). The VS600 supports a wide range IR frequencies: IR (20-60KHz) to remotely control your video sources from the receiver location. Selectable channels allows you to select receivers.

Wireless HDMI to HDMI Sender and Receiver Multiple Screens in Multiple Rooms

The Diamond V-STREAM- VS600 is a powerful Wireless HDMI Sender and Receiver. It's a great way to enjoy and share home entertainment from any HD source wirelessly. The V-Stream has a transmitting range of 300 feet. As a result, you can enjoy clear, crisp HD 1080P resolution from a laptop, set-top box, Blu-ray/DVD player or gaming console. With the V-Stream, you can transmit video to two rooms and two screens from ONE source ... wirelessly. Finally, it supports IR remote control, giving you total control over your video source. Additional receiver sold separately.

The V-STREAM - VS600 Sender features: an HDMI Input, an HDMI Output, an IR port to connect an IR emitter cable and a DC power connector. In addition, the Receiver features: an HDMI-Output, an IR port to connect an IR receiver cable and a DC power connector. Therefore, it is completely Plug-and-Play and requires no setup and no computer.

Wirelessly Transmit Video and Audio from a Cable Box/DVD Player, Game Console or Other HD Source. Incredibly Easy-to-Use.

Wireless HDMI to HDMI Sender and Receiver Technical Specifications

- Support HDMI1.3, compatible with HDCP1.2.
- Maximum resolution up to 1080p full HD
- Features strong anti-interference (5GHz operation frequency)
- Supports point to point wireless configuration.
- IR transmitter/receiver 20-60KHz frequency
- 150 feet long range transmission distance
- Plug and play, easy installation

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