Kaliber Gaming RGB Optical Gaming Keyboard

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Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Kaliber Gaming's HVER PRO X Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard combines the exceptional feel and response of brown mechanical key switches with the speed of light. Building on the popular HVER PRO series of gaming keyboards, the HVER PRO X features per-key RGB backlighting, a spill-resistant board, and a slew of gaming features that put it on par with keyboards selling for nearly twice the price.

HVER PRO X is fully programmable for macro functions, shortcuts, and more with the FREE Kaliber Gaming software that allows you to customize the RGB per-key backlighting to deliver a truly personalized gaming experience.

Play at the Speed of Light

Optical mechanical switches employ fewer moving parts and are subject to less stress than ordinary mechanical switches. Since optical switches don't require "debouncing" like traditional electrical contact-based switches, they are nearly 25% faster. The HVER PRO X will have you playing at the speed of light without giving up the tactile feel and quieter keystrokes of mechanical brown switches.

Millions & Millions of Keystrokes - Extended Lifetime

The HVER PRO X Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is sure to provide an extended keystroke lifetime as its switches are contactless. Play knowing your keyboard will stand up to tens of millions of keystrokes and thousands of hours of frenzied gameplay and typing. The PRO X boasts a beautiful but rugged aircraft aluminum chassis that is sturdy and weighty with rubber, skid-proof feet, and double injected keycap characters that won't wear off.

Spills Welcome!

Are you tired of ruining your keyboards with drink spills during gameplay? Since the HVER PRO X's optical switches don't use electrical contacts, the keyboard is nearly immune to spills and dust making it quick to clean and recover from accidents.

Fully Programmable Keys

HVER PRO X's fully programmable keys let you create macro functions (a series of keystrokes with only a single press), shortcuts, hotkeys, and much more with the help of the FREE Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO X software. While key programming offers quick in-game tools for common commands, they are also perfect for simplifying text shortcuts or executing multi-key commands in everyday use while typing.

A Rainbow of RGB Lighting

Add a moving light show to your gaming and typing experience. Nothing adds a little "cool factor" to your day like RGB keyboard lighting. The HVER PRO X features full RGB per-key illumination with 18 different lighting pattern choices. Choose the DIY lighting mode to easily customize lighting layouts without special software, and the free Kaliber Gaming software to add even more lighting customization.

All Anti-Ghosting Design (NKRO)

Play with confidence, knowing the HVER PRO X will not hold you back! The keyboard's Anti-Ghosting or full N-Key Rollover (NKRO) design ensures that every keystroke in any key combination will be registered. Never worry your HVER PRO X will fail you, as this feature is not limited to a few keys, but all 104 keys!

Premium Gaming Features

The HVER PRO X offers additional must-have features for gamers. The Windows Key lock secures menu functions while gaming, and swappable W, A, S, D and arrow key functions are ideal for left-handed and MMO players so both hands can be placed at optimal gaming positions.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Double injected keycaps ensure characters will never wear off
  • Kaliber Gaming software to set custom backlighting and keyboard functions
  • All Anti-Ghosting with key rollover, so you never miss a keystroke!
  • Fully programmable keys for macro functions, shortcuts and more!
  • Water-resistant design ensures the keyboard is nearly immune from spills
  • RGB per-key backlighting with multiple lighting patterns
  • Brown-type switches deliver a tactile response with quieter operation
  • Extended Lifetime: Optical switches support millions more keystrokes than mechanical switches
  • Play at the speed of light with 25% faster key response actuation
  • Optical mechanical switches feature IR technology for the fastest response
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