Manhattan Fast-Wireless Charging Pad - 10 W

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Simple, Fast Phone Charging with the Manhattan Wireless Charging Pad

Charging your phone is even simpler with the Manhattan Wireless Charging Pad - 10 W. Whether your phone has wireless charging built-in or your phone case supports wireless charging, a quality wireless charger from Manhattan makes it easy to get power back into your phone fast. With a dedicated charging pad, there's no need to find the right cable or worry about slower charging from a low-amp wall charger every time your phone needs power. Once you set it on the charger, your phone gets the fastest charge it can handle - from 10 W, 7.5 W or 5 W. Plus, as long as it isn't made of metal and is less than 5 mm (0.2 in.) thick, your phone case won't interfere with charging, so it stays protected even while it's on the pad. The Manhattan Wireless Charging Pad - 10 W truly offers a no-hassle way to charge up your phone fast.

  • Qi™-certified to ensure a safe charge for you and your devices
  • Up to 10 W fast-charging of compatible smartphones and wireless-charging phone cases
  • Built-in safety technology that shuts off power output when metal is detected to prevent interference or device damage
  • LED indicators for easy status monitoring
  • Overload, overcurrent and overheating protection
  • Effective wireless charging through phone cases up to 5 mm thick*
  • Compact, portable and stylish design for easy travel
  • External metallic accessories (such as credit cards, magnets, grips, and phone cases) will interfere with the charging technology
  • Three-year warranty
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