Maxell 16x DVD+R Media

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DVD+R media is compatible with up to 16X DVD-R hardware. Recordable/one-time recording is perfect for home video recording, storing digital pictures and transferring home movies. DVD+R media delivers secure unalterable data and offers superior recording layer technology, random access data retrieval and superior archival life. Discs are ideal for capacity-intensive multimedia projects, data transfer and archival storage. With a single-sided, write-once format, DVD+R holds up to 2 hours of DVD-quality video recording and 4.7GB of data storage.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Write-once format permanently records data for secure storage
  • 4.7GB storage capacity holds large amount of video, music and files
  • High recording speed supports up to 16X
  • Sturdy, spindle case safely contains discs for convenient storage
  • Perfect for multimedia projects, data transfer, storage and more
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