NEW - Dell-IMSourcing Slim AC Adapter

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This product is NEW, pulled from undeployed systems - Does not come in MFG original retail packaging.


  • Offers 130-Watts enough to power and charge your laptop
  • Incorporates a rubber strap for easy cable management and a LED light ring on the DC connector
Redesigned around you

We've redesigned our adapters from end to end, so you can enjoy a more comfortable and consistent experience in everything you do.

  • Neatly wrapped cords and cables fit snugly around the adapter for less bulk in your bag.
  • The LED indicator lets you know it's on, and makes it easy to find in a dimly lit space.
  • Up to 3X smaller than our previous models, and 30% less bulky than other leading adapters (including cables).
  • Every detail has been carefully considered - from soft, bendable cables to smooth, rounded corners.
The new Dell Slim Power Adapter family. Redesigned around you.
  • Good power efficiency and comparatively light weight
  • Delivers constant 19.5 V DC for smooth functioning & charging of the device
  • Up to 130 W maximum power output
  • 6.67 A current enables your device recharge quickly
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