Panasonic DVD-S700 1 Disc(s) DVD Player - 1080p

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1080p Up-Conversion and 108MHz/12bit DAC

Create Smooth High-resolution Images

1080p Up-Conversion raises image quality by correcting, in pixel units, the brightness signals of images in recorded content, DVD movies, and other media.

Clear, Beautiful Pictures

This high-speed, high-precision circuit converts DVD video signals using 4-times oversampling for progressive scan playback and 8- times oversampling for interlace scan playback. The high-density conversion process results in clear, beautiful pictures with high resolution and high S/N ratio.

CD Ripping

Enjoy Various Content

Able to archive your favorite music CD into USB memory. You will be able to enjoy your music by PC, portable audio player or other devices.

  • Capable of performing video upscaling to enhance the viewing experience
  • Scans pixels progressively line by line at 1080p formatting
  • Dolby Digital sound system to produce high-quality echoing audio across the room
  • HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) offers fantastic sound/video quality and single-cable comfort
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