Plugable 6 AC Outlet Surge Protector with Clamp Mount for Workbench or Desk. Built-In 10.5W 2-Port USB Power for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Mobile Devices

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Power Everything

This power surge protector can help solve the dwindling wall outlet conundrum by offering 6 additional standard US 3-prong grounded power outlets in an elegant package. Its compact design, unique desk clamp, and lengthy cable make it easy to create the perfect all in one power setup. Two outlets are widely spaced to fit large "wall wart" power adapter bricks.

USB Power

USB has become the method of choice to power a huge range of portable battery-powered devices like cell phones, tablets, USB battery packs, handheld game consoles, e-readers, cameras, smart watches, fitness trackers, bicycle lights, and many more.

Unfortunately, USB power is not well standardized and with so many devices needing wall wart style adapters, it is very easy to run out of power outlets.

Surge Suppression

6 surge protected power outlets
2100 Joules of protection
2-in-1 power / circuit breaker switch
Built-in EMI/RFI filter
UL/cUL Rated


For 125V AC / 60Hz (US plugs)
Capacity 15A, 1875 watts
Clamping voltage 400
Max Spike Voltage 6,000V
Response time < 1 ns
EMI/RFI Filter range 150Khz - 30Mhz
EMI/RFI Filter Attenuation 20dB

In the box

14 inch by 3 inch surge suppression clamping style power strip, with 6 foot attached power cable to wall. US AC wall outlet plugs.
  • Unique and easy to use built-in clamping system for attaching the unit to desks, tables, and work benches
  • Built-in 2-port 10.5W (2.1A shared) USB charger
  • 6 standard US 3-prong grounded power outlets with surge suppression rated to 2100 Joules
  • 2 of the 6 available outlets accommodate larger "wall wart" style power adapter bricks
  • 6 foot power cable
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