Plugable 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub with 36W Power Adapter

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Connect up to seven USB 3.0, 2.0, or 1.1 devices to a single port on any computer. Fully plug and play, devices can be hot-swapped, supports USB over-current protection. Professional matte black with per-port blue LEDs.


Featuring the VIA VL813 USB 3.0 hub chipset updated to firmware version 9015 for maximum compatibility with almost all USB 3.0 hosts. Supports Microsoft Windows 10 through XP, Mac OS X, and Linux kernels 3.0 and later. Apple SuperDrive not compatible. Older Mac Pros with USB 3.0 PCI Express add-on cards may not work with this or any USB 3.0 hub. Full forward and backward compatibility between USB 3.0, 2.0, and 1.1 hosts and devices. Not recommended for use with older TI, Fresco Logic, Etron, or Wistron USB 3.0 host controllers. Requires no driver installation (although individual devices may require drivers). 2.4Ghz wireless devices such as keyboard/mouse receivers, Bluetooth and WiFi adapters, may not work in close proximity to USB 3.0 devices or hubs.

Power Abilities

Comes with a premium 12V 3A 36W UL certified power supply.
  • Backwards compatible with all legacy USB devices and host controllers
  • USB over-current protection
  • Fully plug and play, devices can be hot-swapped
  • 36W Power Supply
  • Easy to use with a solid and compact matte design for extra durability
  • BC 1.2 Smart Charging Ports
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