Tripp Lite Cable Management D-Rings Rack Enclosures Button Mount 2x4in 12Pk

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Cable rings install in your rack enclosure's toolless mounting holes to organize network cabling and help prevent tangling and clutter.

Eliminates Cable Strain and Eases Clutter in Your Rack Enclosure or Open Frame Rack
This 12-pack of SmartRack® high-strength polycarbonate rings easily installs in your rack's toolless button mounts as a versatile cable management solution. Mount them at custom intervals to route your bundled network cables horizontally, vertically or around installed equipment. Each ring measures 2 x 4 inches and offers a semi-flexible slot for easy insertion of bundled cables. Organizing your cables within your rack cabinet or open frame rack eliminates stress, prevents tangling and cable clutter, and improves airflow through the rack to keep equipment cool.
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