Tripp Lite Protect It! PS6B18 6-Outlets Power Strip

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40.6 cm Power Strip Delivers Electricity to 6 Devices at the Same Time

Compatible with standard electrical equipment, this ProtectIt!® power strip features six BS1363A outlets and a durable white plastic housing. It is ideal for powering almost anything with a compatible plug, including computers and mobile devices to appliances and power tools.

Allows Flexibility in Placing the Power Strip Away from the Wall

The BS1363A plug is attached to a 1.8-meter power cord, which gives you more choices in placing the power strip away from the connected AC outlet.

Vertical or Horizontal Mounting for Desks and Workbenches

Keyhole-shaped mounting slots on the back of the power strip allow you to permanently install it on any flat surface, including walls, with user-supplied hardware.

Premium Safety Features Designed for Protecting Your Valuable Equipment

The PS6B18 features an on/off switch with diagnostic LED that provides one-touch control over all connected devices. An integrated 13A circuit breaker protects all outlets and automatically cuts power if the protection circuit is incapacitated, preventing equipment damage and indicating replacement is required.

Typical Applications

  • Distribute power to computer equipment and other devices in an office, workbench, retail or telecom environment
  • Mount a power strip to the edge of a desk or workbench for easy access to outlets

Package Includes

  • PS6B18 6-Outlet Power Strip, British BS1363A Outlets, White

  • 6 BS1363A outlets distribute power to appliances, tools, lighting and other electronics
  • 1.8 m cord with BS1363A plug offers flexible placement in relation to an AC wall outlet
  • 40.6 cm plastic housing designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use
  • Rear keyhole slots enable mounting to desk or workbench for easy access to outlets
  • 13A circuit breaker shuts down all UK outlets for safety in case of overload
  • This product is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty
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