Tripp Lite SmartRack SRWBLCPLR Mounting Coupler for Cable Tray - Black

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High-Resiliency Connecting Bar Helps You Create Custom Bends and Junctions

The SmartRack® SRWBLCPLR includes a black powder-coated metal L-shaped connecting bar and two couplers, each with an M6 flange nut and M6 x 20 carriage bolt for easy installation with your wire mesh cable tray. By creating a secure connection point between two intersecting sections of cable tray in your server room or data center, you can create L- or T-shaped intersections that guide the direction of cabling to your liking. For best practices, attaching each L connector with four couplers (such as those included with Tripp Lite's SRWBUNVCPLR Coupler Kit) is recommended.

  • Securely connects wire mesh cable tray sections in ceiling, floor and wall installations
  • Allows you more flexibility in routing custom cable management applications
  • Includes 2 couplers, each with a mounting nut and bolt for quick installation
  • 5-year limited warranty
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