Whistler D24RS Digital Camcorder - 1.5" LCD Screen - Full HD

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Want a dash camera but don't want something bulky blocking your view on your windshield? Then you need the D24RS. This tiny camera is half the size of a credit card and has awesome video quality.

Document your road trips, protect your vehicle, and guard against insurance fraud with a dash camera. The loop recording allows you to record your road trip and the G-sensor will stop the recording and save it if a collision is detected.
  • SUPPORTS MICRO SD CARDS - Includes 8GB SD Card. It can support up to 32GB cards.
  • EASY TO SET UP - Simply mount the dashcam to the windshield using the suction cup mount. Connect the USB cable and plug it into any 12V outlet.
  • LOOP RECORDING - Selects how long you want each recording to last, before it is saved and starts a new recording.
  • AUTO BLACK/WHITE NIGHT VISION FEATURE - The dashcam senses when driving in low light conditions and automatically converts the video to black and white for improved visibility and video integrity. The camera will revert back to color when it senses the appropriate lighting level.
  • AUTO ACCIDENT DETECTION FEATURE -If the G-Sensor is triggered, the dashcam will automatically lock videos giving you a record of the incident for use in insurance claims.
  • 1.5" LCD SCREEN - Even with its tiny size it has a large 1.5" screen.
  • 1920 x 1080 FULL HD RESOLUTION - Captures 1080p footage and delivers stunning image quality and clear video.
  • TINY DASH CAM - Half the size of a credit card! The small size is easily concealable and doesn't obstruct your line of vision.
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