Company History:

Campus Guru started in Q1 2017 with a vision to change the education segment on how they purchase products online. After a couple of years doing business online, we have moved to open up a retail location on the LSU campus in Early 2020. Ever since the pandemic hit our beloved country, we have decided to hold back on our plans to change the retail market with our one of a kind store experience. If you can imagine, it was a one of a kind experience with a drone fly zone in the store, QR codes for scanning products to your phone, in store lounge with wifi & coffee etc.

For Q1 2021 we have started to create our one of a kind online retail website that will change colors subject to your favorite school of choice and products that relate to your school. For example, LSU branded headphones, chargers, cases, cooler, tables etc. With over 200k skus listed on the web we are very confident we can help you with any type of product and need you might have!

Who We Are:

At Campus Guru, we strive to provide the best service and pricing for all, especially our education customers. We come from a background that understands how hard it is to survive in the education world with tuition, dorm etc. That is why we have created a website for our customers to find discounts on many popular brands we know. 

 What We Do:

Campus Guru prides itself on being the campus friendly option with many different types of products catered to our customers. That is why we have combined many different categories such as Dorm Room, Tailgate, Electronics, Appliances and more. 


Campus Guru is evolving with your help! We have come a long way and are waiting for the next couple of updates. Some of them include changing the website colors based on your school to targeted discounts on our full website for our education customers with an edu account. We also plan on incorporating more collegiate products with branded logos on them.

Here is a link to the Future of Campus Guru:

Our Location:

1002 Quentin Road, Suite 3088

Brooklyn, NY 11223

Please stay tuned for more updates! To learn more about us please contact us at We would love to answer any questions you may have!


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