Lantronix SLC 8000 16-Port RS-232 RJ45 I/O Module

Sale price$1,693.99


The Lantronix® SLC 8000 I/O Module enables system and network administrators to easily expand or switch out their SLC 8000 unit's I/O configuration without the hassle of disconnecting all of its attached equipment and replacing the entire console server which disrupts the entire system and workflow. Once installed, the I/O module is automatically detected by the SLC 8000.

  • 16-port RS-232 RJ45 serial I/O module
  • Expands device port density for SLC 8000
  • Allows easy and quick I/O replacements for SLC 8000 device ports
  • Provides flexibility and efficiency of SLC 8000 deployments
  • Enables easy customization of SLC 8000 configurations
  • Reduces time and cost required to develop and deploy IT services
  • Enables balanced CAPEX and OPEX management
  • Field-replaceable and field-upgradable

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