Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

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K380 Multi-Device is the Bluetooth keyboard you can take with you around the home.

Type on anything

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of desktop typing on your smartphone, and tablet with this mobile keyboard.

K380 Multi-Device is a wireless keyboard that connects to all Bluetooth® wireless devices that support external keyboards.

- Bluetooth wireless
- Multi-platform/cross-platform
- Windows®, Mac®, Chrome OS™, Android™, iOS®

Take-to-type style

Take this compact, lightweight, Bluetooth keyboard anywhere in your home. Type wherever you like, on any compatible computer, phone or tablet.


Connect up to three devices simultaneously, for example a Windows computer, an iPhone® and an Android tablet. Simply touch a button to start typing on a different device.

A familiar layout

K380 Multi-Device recognizes each device and automatically maps keys to give you a familiar layout with your favorite shortcuts.

By detecting your specific device-for example, an Apple® or Windows computer-this universal keyboard will send the correct key codes.

  • Multi-device compatibility for use with a variety of devices
  • Bluetooth technology connects wirelessly for hassle-free use
  • Easy-to-use design lets you switch between devices with simple tap
  • Extra-small footprint enhances comfort and body posture
  • Scissor keys offer familiar laptop-like typing experience
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