Logitech SILENT PLUS M330 Mouse

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With the same click feel and more than 90 percent noise reduction on the click sound, this wireless mouse lets you enjoy a quiet experience for you and your neighbors. Durable, high-performance feet quietly glide over your desktop to eliminate excessive noise. And a smooth scroll wheel completes the silent experience. Contoured grips are made of soft rubber for a comfortable grip in your right hand. Energy-efficient engineering provides a 24-month battery life so you can go longer between battery changes. Plug-and-play simplicity allows you to plug in the nano receiver and start using your mouse right away with no software or hassles. Advanced optical tracking provides ultra-precise moves on almost any surface.

  • Silent operation eliminates excessive noise to prevent disturbing others
  • High-performance feet glide quietly over surfaces
  • Contoured grips fit comfortably in your hand for enjoyable use
  • 2-year battery life eliminates need for frequent replacement
  • Plug-and-play technology allows immediate use without any hassle

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