Presto 22 Inch Ceramic Electric Griddle with Removable Handles

Sale price$81.99


This extra-large 22-inch griddle makes enough food for the entire family and still stores neatly in the kitchen cabinet. A special textured ceramic cooking surface provides enhanced nonstick performance and easier cleaning for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and entertaining. Removable handles make it simple to clean and compact to store. Just open the latch clips to detach the handles from the base. With the handles removed, the base stores efficiently in most standard 18-inch kitchen cabinets. The griddle also features a heavy cast aluminum base with a Control Master heat control that automatically maintains the desired cooking temperature. Slide-out drip tray is removable for quick cleanups, and griddle is fully immersible with the heat control detached.
  • Extra-large griddle-great for every meal and entertaining.
  • Textured ceramic cooking surface provides enhanced nonstick.
  • Handles remove with simple latch clips.performance.
  • Base stores compactly in most standard 18-inch cabinets.
  • Heavy cast aluminum base.
  • Control Master heat control maintains desired cooking temperature.
  • Slide-out drip tray for quick cleanups.
  • Fully immersible with heat control detached.

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