Sharp NEC Display AQUOS 4P-B65EJ2U Digital Signage Display

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Take Your Message to the Next Level

Regardless of the setting, ensure your communication has never been more impressive. The Sharp AQUOS® Commercial TV 4P-B Series offers a wide range of sizes from 50" Class (49.5" diagonal) to 75" Class (75.0" diagonal). Regardless of your industry, when you need to inform, entertain or engage an audience the 4P-B Series delivers your message with superb picture quality.

Benefits of a Commercial TV vs a Consumer TV

Sharp AQUOS Commercial TVs are designed, engineered and supported for out-of-home environments for a wide range of applications including digital signage, education, collaboration and entertainment. They're specified to continuously operate for up to 16-hours a day, 7-days a week and are designed to withstand the rigors of the commercial market. That's why unlike consumer TVs, Sharp AQUOS Commercial TVs are backed by a limited 3-year "Commercial" Warranty.

High Dynamic Range Brings Picture Perfect Image Quality

The Sharp AQUOS Commercial TV 4P-B series brings out all the color depth, detail and clarity that the content creator intended. When enabled, high dynamic range (HDR) increases the brightness, contrast and color across a much wider range. Colors become deeper and more vivid while more detail can be seen in darker shades.

A Visual Boost to Presentations

Add impact to your business presentations by connecting your PC to a 4P-B series monitor. Text, graphs, pictures, and tables can all be displayed in stunningly detailed 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Public Mode

Public Mode on the 4P-B Series disables the operational controls. This prevents unwanted adjustments by people in public locations such as stores and restaurants.

Professional Command Control

Business owners can easily manage the functionality of the 4P-B AQUOS Commercial TV Series due to their many user-friendly features. They include a comprehensive RS-232C and LAN command set, which permits flexible remote-control capabilities from connected devices.

Built-in Speakers for Powerful Audio

The 4P-B AQUOS Commercial TV Series contains crystal clear audio, so all your content sounds as good as it looks. Dolby® MS12 Multi-stream Decoder ensures compatibility with premium audio formats.

Sleek and Stylish Design

Fit more screen in less space with the 4P-B AQUOS Commercial TV Series. Streamlined for a pleasing appearance and minimal protruding parts, this display incorporates a frameless bezel, giving a full view of the screen with a modern look.
  • Digital Signage Display delivers a highly realistic sound and immersive visual experience thanks to the high pixel density that shows even the most subtle details
  • Experience luminescent visual images with LCD display
  • 3840x2160 Display - Delivers a breathtaking ultra HD viewing experience with immersive pictures that are dynamic, clear, and as expansive as life
  • Engages your customers and makes their viewing experience breathtaking with its 2160p content
  • Direct LED backlighting technology enabled for a bright and sharp display
  • With its 64.5" screen size and 330 Nit brightness, this digital signage system is perfect for displaying high-impact information in hotels, eateries, and other businesses

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