Spracht ZUM Maestro Combo DECT Monaural Headset

Sale price$262.99


Monaural headset with included base features a wireless range up to 350' to let you move freely while still talking. Its noise-canceling microphone filters out ambient noise around you to ensure your voice will be heard for clear, more natural conversations. DECT technology allows you to use multiple headsets in the same area without them interfering with each other for distraction-free use. The comfortable headband wearing style, with an extra-large leatherette ear pad, is perfect for those spending a lot of time on the phone. Plus, Eco-DECT means lower power requirements and fewer emissions.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Wireless connectivity provides freedom to walk up to 350' from base
  • Noise-canceling mic filters ambient noise for clear, natural conversations
  • DECT technology prevents interference with other headsets
  • Comfortable headband provides enjoyable fit throughout your day
  • Eco-Dect requires less power for cost-efficient use

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