Star Micronics SM-T301I2-DB50 US GRY Direct Thermal Printer - Monochrome - Portable - Receipt Print - Serial - Bluetooth - Battery Included - TAA Compliant

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The SM-T300i portable mobile Bluetooth thermal receipt printer is approved by Apple, Inc. through MFi certification for use with the iPod Touch®, iPhone®, and iPad®. In addition to its ability to pair with iOS, Android and other popular mobile platforms, the SM-T300i has easy drop-in & print paper loading, a reliable and quick print speed of 75mm per second, and an intuitive LCD display.

Dust protected and splash-proof resistant (IP54Certified), the SM-T300i is rugged enough for outside field workers requiring handhelds to seamlessly print from a mobile device to a durable portable mobile receipt printer. The SM-T300i also allows for restaurant servers and clerks working in demanding retail and hospitality environments to print standard three inch format receipts wherever they need to. Its rugged and splash proof design combined with standard three inch receipt printing and long battery life, make the SM-T300i a welcomed option.

SM-T300i includes the ability to print receipts or data from a web browser-based application running on a mobile device wirelessly by configuring Star's WebPRNT Browser. Once configured, the user simply pairs their mobile device to the SM-T300i, open the application on WebPRNT Browser and prints from the application.

Also available is the SM-T301i which includes an integrated Magnetic Stripe Reader. The MSR supports 3DES encryption.

  • Available with WebPRNT Browser
  • Transmissive and Reflective Sensors Supported for Label Printing
  • Apple MFi-Certified
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Optional Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • High Speed: 75mm /sec
  • Bluetooth (2.1: SPP) / Serial Connections
  • Dust-Protected, Splash-Proof (IP54-Certified)
  • 3-Inch Ultra Durable Portable Printer

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