20 Pack Cable Raceway Outside Corner Connectors for CBMWWD3211 Cable Management Accessories Wiring Duct 90° Outside Elbow UL

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This 20-pack of raceway outside elbows works with the CBMWWD3211 raceway system.

Join Two Raceways Together Around Corners at a 90 Degree Angle

Use these cable raceway outside elbows with the CBMWWD3211 raceway to join two of them together and run them around corners at a 90 degree angle in your office or server room.

Industrial Strength

Made from sturdy self-extinguishing ABS that's also warp proof, these wiring duct connectors are UL approved with 94HB Flamability (Horizontal Burning) Rating.

Use in Combination with Other Raceway Accessories

Combine this coupler with other CBMWWD3211 raceway system accessories to give your cable management solution a finished look.

The Coupler (CBMWWD3211C) (20-Pack), joins two raceways together and extends the length of your raceway.

The End Piece (CBMWWD3211E) (20-Pack), cleanly caps off the end of your raceway.

The Inside Elbow (CBMWWD3211I), joins two raceways together inside of corners at 90 degree angle.

The Lateral Elbow (CBMWWD3211L), joins two raceways together and runs them up the wall at a 90 degree angle.

The T Connector (CBMWWD3211T), joins three raceways together in T-bar.

These cable management raceway outside elbows are TAA compliant and backed by a Lifetime warranty and free 24/5 technical support. has been the IT professionals choice for over 30 years.

  • GIVE YOUR CABLE MANAGEMENT RACEWAY A FINISHED LOOK: Use cable raceway outside corner connectors (20 pack) w/ CBMWWD3211 raceways to join them together around corners in your workspace
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH: Made from sturdy warp-proof ABS, these Outside elbow cable/wiring duct connectors are UL approved and UL 94HB Flamability (Horizontal Burning) Rating, self-extinguishing
  • OTHER RACEWAY ACCESSORIES: Coupler (CBMWWD3211C), End Piece (CBMWWD3211E), Inside Elbow (CBMWWD3211I), Lateral Elbow (CBMWWD3211L), T Connector (CBMWWD3211T); sold separately
  • Connector Width: 1.26" (32mm)
  • Connector Height: 0.43" (11mm)

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