Deluxe Assortment PC Screw Kit - Screw Nuts and Standoffs - Assortment Of 12 Common PC Case Screws - Screw kit

Sale price$83.99

Description's PC Screw Kit offers a handy assortment of common PC fasteners for building, reparing, and maintaining computer systems. The PC screw kit includes 12 different fasteners all in a plastic carrying case with divided compartments.

The PC screw kit offers 50 screws in each of 7 category types, for a total of 350 screws, as well as an assortment of standoffs.
  • Plastic carrying case with dividers
  • Metal Jackscrew Standoffs #4-40, #6-32
  • AT-style PC Case Standoffs
  • Nuts: 4-40 x 1.6 mm, 6 mm
  • Case fan screw
  • Pre-Trapped PC Case Standoffs
  • ATX-style PC Case Standoffs

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